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About Golden Phoenix

A first-of-its-kind, progressive program that requires no special background or experience that provides men and women struggling in the regular job market (even with prior offenses, including felonies) the opportunity to create solid income potential with expansive personal and professional growth as a freight broker in the transportation industry.



Meet the Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program Team 



Learn more about the Golden Phoenix Brokerage



Learn more about the Golden Phoenix

Carrier Fleet



Learn more about the Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program

Golden Phoenix has decades of combined experience in the transportation and logistics industry. We’ve seen the in’s and out’s of the game, and we’ve helped 100’s of people start their own carriers and freight brokerages. We’re building a community of individuals looking for a fresh start in life through the transportation industry.

Dr. Todd compiled the Golden Phoenix team to create the most robust,

360º program available for folks that have been in prison with professionals in the freight industry, online education, entrepreneurship, and more!

The One-Stop Shop for every resource you need

to completely change your life for good!

The Golden Phoenix Carrier Fleet

As of this year, Golden Phoenix boasts a carrier fleet of 150 trucks operating nationwide and adding more every quarter.


Participants in our CDL / Carrier training are guaranteed a seat in one of our trucks once they successfully complete our program and secure their CDL*. 

The additional training offered in our program and freight pipeline already set up through our brokerage allows us to immediately put new CDL holders into trucks and moving at a profit so no time is wasted

trying to figure out where your next load is coming from.

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