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How Do You Help A Loved One That’s Spent Time In Prison Make  A Smooth Transition Back Home?

Is someone you love currently behind bars &
close to coming home?

Or maybe they'd been locked up for a while but they're home now and needing a fresh start in life...

Something that’s present in just about every single person that’s been in prison is a deep-seated drive and motivation to succeed as both an individual and for their family when they get out.

Image by Eli Ayeke

In prison, a person has nothing but time to sit inside that cell and think of all the ways they’re going to make it up to their loved ones and how they’re going to do everything they can to make them proud.


And then the day comes when they finally hear those gates close behind them for the last time as they step back out into a world of freedom only to learn all too fast that being “free” doesn’t exactly translate into the job market and making it up to their family isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

And that’s where The Golden Phoenix Program can make all the difference for you!

We understand that most of the emotional and behavioral problems facing inmates and their families after release from prison revolve around lack of money and domestic turmoil, most of which is due to the lack of a stable job and steady income.


Whether you’re a former inmate or the spouse or loved one of someone that’s been in prison, you know better than anyone how difficult it is to get your footing and get to some normalcy when no one is hiring when they see a felony on a person's record.

We kept this in mind when creating The Golden Phoenix Program. Something we built in is the concept of “Self-Contained Financial Autonomy” for the family.


The stress of rejection, the struggle of no money, the emotional strain and burden placed on everyone’s shoulders …


It’s enough to break anyone down, no matter how hard you try to make it work

Black Man Working At Desk

BUT it can truly be a thing of the past when you take full control of your family’s financial independence.


Here at Golden Phoenix, yes, we focus on individuals who’ve been incarcerated. But we also focus on their families. 


We don’t just train folks to “get a job” in the trucking industry …

We want you to use this industry to build a friggin’ family legacy on YOUR terms!


That's why in our Diamond Package, whenever someone signs up for the program, we also train a +1 in freight brokering, as well,  to support and reinforce the strength of forming a successful business and creating a career for yourself and your family instead of relying on the whims of a hiring manager that has a bad day for your family’s livelihood.

By training a spouse, domestic partner, or other family member or friend, we hope to help relieve most of the symptoms that cause stress and strain on a household when a felony record is blocking their chances of success in the 9-5 job market.


  • No more stressing about checking boxes on job applications and sending out resumes with big work gaps…

  • No more worrying about having money and where your next paycheck is coming from…

  • No more limitations on when and how you can provide for your family.

As a freight broker, that can truly be your reality. As 2 freight brokers… You’re all but guaranteed to succeed.


Don’t let your family suffer because of an unforgiving job market and social stigmas that surround people that’ve been in prison.


Train in partnership, develop the skills as individuals, and together build a sustainable business that can turn into a lifelong legacy

for generations to come.

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