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The criminal justice system has left millions scarred with a blemished record – the collateral damage of a past conviction –

which diminishes job prospects, increases personal risk, and impedes mental and social healing, as sometimes it feels like the only way forward is to go back to your old ways in order to make ends meet.

Finding It Hard To Get Work With a Felony On Your Record?

🚫 Are you a person who's having a hard time finding a meaningful job and lucrative career due to a felony on your record?

🚫 Do you feel like missteps in your past have been holding you back from your future?

🚫 Are you continuing to struggle for reputation, respect, and feeling like you belong in a career worthy of your talents, abilities, and ambitions after your release from prison?

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Finding reputable work for people that have served time can be challenging because of hiring policies based on criminal pasts. Since coming home, many formerly incarcerated individuals are faced with rampant unemployment and a lack of worthwhile income opportunities.

Inmates are one of the groups least likely to obtain “desired” employment. Many companies refuse to seriously consider them as candidates due to an irrational preconceived notion that because they’ve been in prison, they're unable to perform basic tasks in “normal” working environments.

It’s BS! Basically forcing individuals who’ve already served their time and repaid their “debt to society” to hover near poverty by keeping them on the fringes of the job market just because there’s a prior felony on their record … Still being judged by what’s in their past!



By keeping these intelligent and industrious individuals unemployed ...  society is creating an untapped pool of

potential talent, creativity, possibility, and opportunity…

Maybe you just need a real second chance…

The RIGHT exposure, the RIGHT opportunity, and the RIGHT education, can help you escape the shackles of doing time. 

That’s why we created the Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program and designed it to help individuals who need a second chance in life

find it in the transportation industry

You’ll be able to create a self-contained path to financial independence and autonomy, and NEVER fill out another job application or send out another resume again!

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Finding work can be a complicated process,

especially for someone with a criminal past.


Qualified applicants often miss out on opportunities because they have a criminal history on their background, even if they’re more qualified for the position.

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If you’re having a hard time finding stable work you actually like and that has a solid income because of that damn criminal record hanging over your head…


You need a new way to live and a new way to make a living. 


The Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program is the answer.

We help people in the prison, parole, and probation system … as well as, anyone with a felony strike in their past …

turn their life around by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to take the reins on their own success after their inevitable reentry into society.

 Aren’t you tired of working for other people or getting turned down for jobs you don't even want when you can be your own boss?

The Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program will provide the foundation, framework, and mentoring for you to become a skilled freight broker, as well as, give you an opportunity to turn your post-prison employment struggles into a 6-figures per year income stream with career-building potential that extends to your spouse, children, family members, and friends.

Are you ready to escape from your past and reintroduce yourself in an industry that could change yours and your family’s life forever?

Lifting family burdens is something every responsible adult wants, especially someone who's spent time in prison. But, what's the cost to achieve that when it seems like the whole world is working against you?

  • Working 2 to 3 lower-wage jobs flipping burgers or mopping floors just to barely make ends meet and forced to spend all of your time away from your home and family?

  • Running on the hamster wheel getting nowhere … submitting application after application, hearing rejection after rejection for jobs you know you should have gotten.

  • Falling into past behaviors and activities that put a bandaid on your situation temporarily but risk your freedom permanently.

Whether currently incarcerated, just got out of prison, served a few months in jail, convicted of your first crime, or you're still getting your life together after a felony, the Golden Phoenix Freight Training Program is available for you.

So many people that served time believe they can't get a good job because they were in prison and, to be honest... there's not really too much they can do much in terms of getting a regular job. But...


You should NEVER let your past hold you back! 


That's the Golden Phoenix way.


From the ashes, WE RISE!

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This training was designed to introduce individuals that formerly or currently served time in prison to the transportation industry and help them gain financial independence as a freight broker to take control of their own future successes after release.

This program was conceptualized by Dr. Cameron Todd after finding success in the freight industry and seeing how life-changing this opportunity could be for individuals currently serving time or formerly served time in prison and have felonies on their record. Dr. Todd has witnessed firsthand how difficult it is for a prisoner reentering society to find meaningful, sustainable work.


Most programs offering solutions have far-reaching end goals that have no immediate impact on the financial well-being of a [former] prisoner and the effects on their family.


Even with all the CDL reentry programs currently in the

prison, parole, and probation system,

it's still not translating into the regular job market.   

Get your feet wet and learn about becoming a freight agent at your own pace outside the 

1-on-1 mentoring.

Expedite your training with live group  calls and sessions with real-time shipper/carrier interactions.

Live 1-on-1 mentoring AND the Phoenix + 1 opportunity to bring on a friend/family member/business partner to train with you.


Hear from other individuals in similar situations that participated in the program & found massive success...


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