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The Golden Phoenix Program

This program was conceptualized by Dr. Cameron Todd after finding success in the freight industry and seeing how life-changing this opportunity could be for individuals struggling to earn the type of money they want to be making from all their hard work.


He understood how difficult is was to find meaningful, sustainable work in today's climate.


Most solutions offer far-reaching end goals that have no immediate impact on your financial increase.


Golden Phoenix Is Different!

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By offering training as a freight broker, we're not only removing any job market barriers and minimizing social strains, we're also helping individuals and their families build sustainable businesses that can turn into lifelong legacies for generations to come.

  • Broker Training

    Training, Mentoring & a +1
    • Books
    • Videos
    • Modules
    • Shippers List
    • Forms & Agreements Templates
    • Group Live Training Weekly
    • Load Booking and Dispatching Group Live Training Weekly
    • Daily Phone Support Assistance
    • An Hour of One-on-One Training Weekly
    • Freight Broker Training For One Other Person
    • Priority 24/7 Customer Service
    • Certificate of Completion (x2)
    • Freight Junior Training Kit

One Payment of $999


3 Equal Payments of $333

Upon completion of payments,

you will receive the

Freight Junior Training System!


Financing Available Through


Call 877-762-4560

to apply for

up to $50,000

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What If There's a Felony On Your Record?

You can still build a thriving business and a long-lasting legacy as a freight broker  for your family regardless of a criminal history